Hi everybody, my name is Shadman and I am a junior at Rutgers University. My major is in English and my minor is in Philosophy. I lived in Queens, New York for 17 years before moving to New Jersey mid-high school. Just like all humans with souls, I love music. My music library ranges greatly, it varies from John Lennon to Biggie Smalls, Frank Sinatra to Wu Tang Clan, and Iron Maiden to Bill Evans. As you can tell, musically I am all over the place. Personally, I play the piano and guitar. As far as sports goes, I wrestle, kickbox and do jiu jitsu, but other than that I am not good at any other sports. I am amazingly terrible at backyard sports. I just never really bothered playing. I never held a lacrosse stick in my life and I do not know who played in the Superbowl.

I have always enjoyed writing. After pushing me hard enough, my high school teachers made me enter little writing contests here and there in Mercer County . Besides those small publishings, I never went further with writing. This is most likely the reason why I chose an English major. With all these writing intensive courses I am writing all the time, and loving it.

So here we are. Another writing course in the books, but this time with a focus on blogging. I am very new to blogging. On top of being very new, I am playing a game of catch up with my class. So right now my feelings are somewhere between anxiety regarding how I am going to cover my grounds, and anticipation for how all this will turn out. All these emotions have got me all stressed up, hold on, let me calm myself with a sip of water.

Yeah that is right. Water can actually calm you down. I will get further in to the specifics of this in my future blogs. As you can see, water has the potential to be a very relevant topic in discussions.

There is just so much to know about water. It is present in so many places, it is useful in so many ways, and it is simultaneously so simple and complex. There are so many aspects of water that can be explored that it is literally impossible to cover everything.

Why did I chose this topic for my blog? I do not really know. When thinking of a topic that I can constantly write about, learn about, and that can be universally accepted and acknowledged; I just thought of water. We’ll call it fate.




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