Look up in the sky! It is a bird! It is a plane…. possibly from the government that is spraying chemicals to control the weather?! If you are a conspiracy buff, I am sure you know what chemtrails are like the back of your hand, so the next couple sentences are not meant for you. For everybody else, ever wonder what the streaks of white smoke are in the sky? It is a point of dubious speculation by some, and a proposition to be ridiculed by others. Are they just left over smoke from the jet engines of regular airlines? Or are they actually part of a grand scheme of weather experimentation and control?

In order to prevent skeptics from getting too discouraged to read any further, let us begin with the widely proclaimed perception of these linear formations in the sky. Skeptics believe that the conspiratorially minded are confusing chemtrails with contrails. Unfortunately, the difference between chemtrails and contrails entails more than a possible disagreement with spelling. Contrails are made up of water vapor. They are created through condensation, which is formed when heat is generated from airplane engines. The heat facilitates the release of water vapor in to really cold air, which condenses the water vapor in to crystals that create trails that give us something extra to look at in the sky when we get bored.

Now you may be wondering where the conspiracy lies among all of this.



To truly understand where all the chemtrail ruckus comes from, one must take a trip down memory lane. On March 20, 1967, the United States Department of Defense began a top secret mission over North Vietnam and Laos called Operation Popeye.



To the dismay of many special force officers, this operation had nothing to do with fried chicken and spinach. According to declassified Defense Department documents, the mission’s intentions were to prolong the monsoon season through cloud seeding and “increase rainfall sufficiently in carefully selected areas to deny the (Viet Cong) the use of roads…causing landslides…washing out river crossings…” This operation became known to the public when a reporter leaked a secret memo between the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson. Operation Popeye consisted of 2,602 missions that used 47,409 cloud seeding units in less than half a decade.

So the government made it rain a few more inches in Vietnam while The Beatles were still together…


what’s the big deal? Ask the United Nations. In 1977, America signed the United Nation’s “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques,” which prohibited the military usage of weather modification technologies. The chairman of Foreign Relations Committee stated that weather modification programs would lead to the development of “vastly more dangerous environmental techniques” which may inflict “irreparable damage” to our world. It does not take much of an expansive imagination to understand how a government could utilize weather modification technologies to create conditions such as hurricanes to militarily enforce political agendas.

In the last 5 years or so, China and Dubai openly experimented with weather modification operations and California is open to resorting to weather modification to help them get out of the biggest drought that they have faced in 54 years. How farfetched is the chemtrails theory? Did the United States, the country with the largest military complex, decide to just abandon such a valuable tool? Or are they constantly experimenting with chemtrails in order to compete with China and other nations? Or are these fictive concoctions formed in our imaginatively bound and conspiracy-prone heads?





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    ” One of the goals of chemtrails is to provoke artificial storms through agglutination of humidity. Our equipment can greatly decrease the effect that, by changing the electrical charge of the metal ions contained on the trails through the crystals.”

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