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On a windy day, a couple fella’s got on a ship to cross the sea of Galilee. Somebody must have counted all the people on the ship and realized that someone was missing. They looked back and saw a sight they would never forget, the missing man from the boat was following them by walking on water! The man was none other than Jesus himself. One of the people on the ship, named Peter, jumped in to the water and started walking on water too! But he started drowning once he started losing faith in God, and Jesus helped him back on the ship. I am sure that everybody in the ship was yelling “me next!” and “pick me!”, but all accounts say that Jesus just got back on the ship, despite the fact that he really did not need it.

First of all, do not try this at home kids. A couple months ago in the western coast of Africa, an evangelist, Pastor Frank Kabele claimed in his congregation that in the following week he would repeat for them a biblical miracle. He stated that with enough faith, he could walk on water just like Jesus from a beach in Gabon’s capital of Libreville. He said that he would walk across Komo estuary, which takes 20 minutes by boat to cross. An eyewitness stated that “He walked into the water, which soon passed over his head and he never came back.” Let’s partake in a moment of silence…so you could read that statement over again and laugh out loud.


As unlikely as this occurrence sounds, people have hypothesized what would have caused this event if Jesus existed and the disciples actually saw what they saw. Professor Doron Nof, a professor of Oceanography, states that it is more likely that a rare integration of “optimal water and atmospheric conditions” caused the water to freeze in to a phenomenon called springs ice, which allowed Jesus to walk on water. So he was walking on ice rather than water. That explains why he got in the ship, he was getting frost bite on his big toe.

According to this story, Jesus holds the record as the only man to walk on water. But reptiles claim their own record holding Jesus.

The reptile with the ability to walk on water is called basilisks, or the Jesus Lizard. The Jesus Lizard is about 3 inches long and weighs about 3 ounces. They have flaps between their toes which help create a large surface area when their feet splash against the water, creating a pocket of air which helps them run and avoid water resistance. The Jesus Lizard treads water at a rate of 5 feet per second for about 15 feet. So saying that it could walk on water is an understatement, the Jesus Lizard is actually sprinting on water.

Not saying that the Jesus Lizard is better than Jesus, but that is a race I would DVR.




Water’s murderous potentiality was explored in the form of water intoxication in a previous post, but its killing ability reigns not only the lands, but the seas.

Never drink sea water. Everybody abides by this because they are either grossed out by the thought of drinking whale urine and rusty ship wreckage residue or because they had tasted it and had discovered that seawater was not exactly tasting like bubble tea.



Seventy one percent of the Earth is covered in seawater, yet we cannot sip on it. Let us explore the ironically abundant, yet non-drinkable seawater, and how it can kill you.

Sea water is made up of a deadly concoction of water and salt. We need salt and water to live, so in actuality it is not the concoction that is deadly, but it is the dosage that is deadly. Our bodies only need a quarter of a teaspoon of salt a day, 500 mg. But the average human unhealthily intakes about 3,500 mg of salt a day. The superstition requiring people to throw salt over their shoulder upon spilling it was actually put forth to utilize clumsy people to decrease the amount of salt at dinner tables.

Do not look that up.

spilled salt shaker

Fresh water contains 0.1% salt content while seawater contains over 1.0% salt. On top of that, sea water is not regular “pass the salt shaker salt”, it actually contains a lot of different types of salt which includes Epson salts, potassium salts, and iodine salts. Drinking seawater will force the intake of large quantities of salt which will throw your metabolism’s equilibrium off, to say the least.

When drinking seawater, water from every cell of your body rushes to help carry the salt out of your body. So basically, as we hydrate with seawater, we are really dehydrating all of our cells in our body. This will lead to possible seizures, unconsciousness, and brain damage. But even if all the water from our dehydrated cells succeed in bringing all the seawater salt close to excretion, the last stop before departure will not be able to bear the load. The last main stop before unwanted salt is released from the body is the kidneys, and unfortunately, our kidneys would overload and we would die a salty death.

Though humans cannot drink seawater, there are other marine mammals that are able to do so. The reason they are able to drink sea water is because they have larger and more sophisticated kidneys than we do. But let us not get down on ourselves because they do not have larger and more sophisticated technologies than we do.Smart+Ass+Dolphins.+they+cant+rape+you+on+land_5ae913_4873580


California and Florida have desalinized seawater for human consumption in order to experiment with a possible replacement to our current water supply. It is still rather expensive, but research is currently in motion to provide desalinated water to deserts in the Middle East.

There you go. Sea water can kill you by dehydrating your body and damaging your kidneys. So next time you go on a cruise to Florida, double check the supply in the Aquafina vending machines.