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With a blog dedicated to water, it would be blasphemy if I went on any further without acknowledging the actual god of water: Poseidon.

Poseidon is the Greek god of water. He came from a pretty stacked family as his parents, Cronus and Rhea, also gave birth to some other hefty fellas named Zeus and Hades. He was born in to tough times, not economically or socially, but because his father tried to eat him at birth. Cronus was afraid that a prophecy that spoke of a possible overthrowing of his power would come to fruition, and because he strongly believed that he never bit off more than he could chew he decided to eat his sons as they served as possible overthrowing candidates. There are two main hypotheses on how Poseidon’s mother saved him from getting chomped on. The famous one entails his mother tricking Cronus into drinking an emetic after eating Poseidon that forced him to throw him back up. The alternate story involves Rhea giving birth to Poseidon in the middle of a bunch of horses, fooling Cronus in to believing that Rhea gave birth to a horse, and eventually leading to Cronus having horse steak for dinner.

Horse Steak

Poseidon and his siblings did not take the whole being eaten by their father thing to well and decided to join alliances with the one-eyed giant named Cyclops to fight a battle that would lead to the overthrowing of Cronus. During the battle, the siblings and Cyclops became pretty close buddies and so Cyclops gave Zeus his lightning bolts, Hades his invisibility cloak, and Poseidon his trident. Now talk about getting the perfect gifts. Cyclops definitely put some thought in to his presents.

After dethroning Cronus and the other Titans, the gods needed to figure out a way to divide their power over the dominions. They turned to what most people turn to in order to solve their problems in life:…


..the lottery. Hades drew the Underworld, Zeus got the skies, and Poseidon got water, both freshwater and saltwater. So the legacy began.

Unfortunately, most stories label Poseidon as sort of a prick. He was moody and would spent a lot of his time getting revenge on those that angered him. He was also very competitive. His most famous story is one where he got in to a dispute with Athena over who should rule the land that became Athens. They decided that whoever would give the people of Athens the best present would win.



Poseidon drove his trident in to a rock and caused water to spew out for the citizens. Athena, on the other hand, gave them an olive tree. Poseidon probably thought that he had the win in the bag, but it turned out that the water spewing out of the rock was brackish water and was useless to the people. Therefore, the victory and land was handed over to Athena. Poseidon did not show the best sportsmanship after competition, as he dealt with the loss by flooding the city and drowning the citizens.

From almost being eaten at birth by his father to throwing fits that killed people after he lost contests, at the end of the day Poseidon was a true renaissance man and this blog would not exist if it was not for his handy work.