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With that colorful story that we all could relate to, one is perplexed with a question that rattles a man’s manhood: Does water bottles in the sun give you estrogen? I have heard it before, and even though I did not go as far as believing it, I still do not drink from water bottles that have been out in the sun for the off chance that it might be true. But what are the facts? Is it really unhealthy to drink from plastic water bottles that have been out in the sun? Does it increase estrogen levels? Or is it just a lactating myth?

As far as the science goes for the estrogen-water bottle theory, heated plastic from the water bottle releases chemicals called dioxins that lead to increases in estrogen and other health problems. Big words. Big statement. Big lie?

Michael Trush, deputy director of the John Hopkins Center for Urban Environmental Health, states that plastics do not contain dioxins and that the sun’s rays are not strong enough to create them. Most water bottles in the United States are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET does not contain dioxins or leach any health risking estrogen inducing chemicals. You can tell whether a bottle is made of PET by the triangle on the bottle.



Guys, before you start drinking the water bottles rolling around on the passenger seat floor of your car, there is some more information you should know. There are some water bottles that contain bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a compound that has shown to increase estrogen in animal studies from water from heated plastic water bottles.


Guys, before you start decimating the water bottles rolling around on the passenger seat floor of your car, there is some more information you should know. Most water bottles sold in America are BPA plastic free. The best way to go about this BPA issue is sticking to reusable water bottles that state that they are BPA free. Everything will be okay.


The real harms of water bottles is the bacteria that can form upon reusing them. When reusing a water bottle, it is recommended to wash the bottle thoroughly and often. But other than that, beware of certain water bottles and guys could remain manly men.






Look up in the sky! It is a bird! It is a plane…. possibly from the government that is spraying chemicals to control the weather?! If you are a conspiracy buff, I am sure you know what chemtrails are like the back of your hand, so the next couple sentences are not meant for you. For everybody else, ever wonder what the streaks of white smoke are in the sky? It is a point of dubious speculation by some, and a proposition to be ridiculed by others. Are they just left over smoke from the jet engines of regular airlines? Or are they actually part of a grand scheme of weather experimentation and control?

In order to prevent skeptics from getting too discouraged to read any further, let us begin with the widely proclaimed perception of these linear formations in the sky. Skeptics believe that the conspiratorially minded are confusing chemtrails with contrails. Unfortunately, the difference between chemtrails and contrails entails more than a possible disagreement with spelling. Contrails are made up of water vapor. They are created through condensation, which is formed when heat is generated from airplane engines. The heat facilitates the release of water vapor in to really cold air, which condenses the water vapor in to crystals that create trails that give us something extra to look at in the sky when we get bored.

Now you may be wondering where the conspiracy lies among all of this.



To truly understand where all the chemtrail ruckus comes from, one must take a trip down memory lane. On March 20, 1967, the United States Department of Defense began a top secret mission over North Vietnam and Laos called Operation Popeye.



To the dismay of many special force officers, this operation had nothing to do with fried chicken and spinach. According to declassified Defense Department documents, the mission’s intentions were to prolong the monsoon season through cloud seeding and “increase rainfall sufficiently in carefully selected areas to deny the (Viet Cong) the use of roads…causing landslides…washing out river crossings…” This operation became known to the public when a reporter leaked a secret memo between the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson. Operation Popeye consisted of 2,602 missions that used 47,409 cloud seeding units in less than half a decade.

So the government made it rain a few more inches in Vietnam while The Beatles were still together…


what’s the big deal? Ask the United Nations. In 1977, America signed the United Nation’s “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques,” which prohibited the military usage of weather modification technologies. The chairman of Foreign Relations Committee stated that weather modification programs would lead to the development of “vastly more dangerous environmental techniques” which may inflict “irreparable damage” to our world. It does not take much of an expansive imagination to understand how a government could utilize weather modification technologies to create conditions such as hurricanes to militarily enforce political agendas.

In the last 5 years or so, China and Dubai openly experimented with weather modification operations and California is open to resorting to weather modification to help them get out of the biggest drought that they have faced in 54 years. How farfetched is the chemtrails theory? Did the United States, the country with the largest military complex, decide to just abandon such a valuable tool? Or are they constantly experimenting with chemtrails in order to compete with China and other nations? Or are these fictive concoctions formed in our imaginatively bound and conspiracy-prone heads?







We all want to take a vacation every now and again in an effort to get away from life as we know it. But I am pretty sure that no one’s plans can top Ken Sullivan’s vacation aspirations. At first glance, Ken Sullivan is your average Joe. He is a father of four and has been married for forty years.

Forty years too many, that is. Sullivan decided to deal with his mid-life crisis by planning a one way trip to a vacation spot that will make one feel as though they were in an entirely different world. This feeling is caused by the fact that the place that he signed up to go is actually located in another world. Mars.


The travel agency that he signed up for is called Mars One. Mars One  is a Netherlands based program that intends to set up a human colony on Mars by 2024. He hopes to be an inter-planet superstar as all of this is documented and put on television. I think few would disagree that this would be a reality television show worth watching. Speaking of reality television shows, after leaving Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I would not be surprised if they come across Bruce Jenner on Mars because he looks like a Martian. Low blow? Or keen observation? You decide.


The most necessary supplementation for living organisms, as we know it, is water. Naturally, water is an essential requirement  for Sullivan on Mars. Fortunately, there has been much discussion on the possibility of water streams on Mars. All in all, that is great news for Sullivan because that is one less thing that he needs to include in the backpack that he will carry everything he wants to have from Earth for the rest of his life on Mars.

In the form of spacecraft expeditions, we have mustered up fourteen successful trips to the red planet. Through these ventures we have come to realize that there is in fact a significant amount of water on Mars. Unfortunately, the water over there is not really in the form that we would like it to be in.


As far as we know, all the water on Mars is in the form of ice and vapor. Dress warm Sullivan, because due the planet’s distance from the sun, the temperature ranges from 22 degrees Fahrenheit to -124 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of the unfavorable form of water for living organisms, the water on Mars is actually not much like the water on Earth. Scientists hypothesize that the water on Mars is very acidic, giving it a lower freezing point than that on Earth. Acidy water, yum.

In 2008, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of Mars’ surface with the latest technology known to man, and the findings were rather thirst-quenching. On the surface of Mars, there seems to be streaks that suggests the involvement of water. Some scientists suggest that they are the result of ancient water flows. People who suggest ancient water flows believe that at least 30 percent of Mars was covered with oceanic water. But the majority of scientists believe that water played a more minor role and that it was more likely that small amounts of water mixed with the dirt and sand to create these stream-like streaks.


Now that we know that we got some crappy water on Mars, does that mean that there is a possibility that there could be life on Mars? We will have to tune in to watch the Mars One reality television show starring Ken Sullivan to find out.  Hopefully it does not turn into a typical failed drama series where only a few episodes make it on TV and all the main characters die by the end of the season.