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Water’s murderous potentiality was explored in the form of water intoxication in a previous post, but its killing ability reigns not only the lands, but the seas.

Never drink sea water. Everybody abides by this because they are either grossed out by the thought of drinking whale urine and rusty ship wreckage residue or because they had tasted it and had discovered that seawater was not exactly tasting like bubble tea.



Seventy one percent of the Earth is covered in seawater, yet we cannot sip on it. Let us explore the ironically abundant, yet non-drinkable seawater, and how it can kill you.

Sea water is made up of a deadly concoction of water and salt. We need salt and water to live, so in actuality it is not the concoction that is deadly, but it is the dosage that is deadly. Our bodies only need a quarter of a teaspoon of salt a day, 500 mg. But the average human unhealthily intakes about 3,500 mg of salt a day. The superstition requiring people to throw salt over their shoulder upon spilling it was actually put forth to utilize clumsy people to decrease the amount of salt at dinner tables.

Do not look that up.

spilled salt shaker

Fresh water contains 0.1% salt content while seawater contains over 1.0% salt. On top of that, sea water is not regular “pass the salt shaker salt”, it actually contains a lot of different types of salt which includes Epson salts, potassium salts, and iodine salts. Drinking seawater will force the intake of large quantities of salt which will throw your metabolism’s equilibrium off, to say the least.

When drinking seawater, water from every cell of your body rushes to help carry the salt out of your body. So basically, as we hydrate with seawater, we are really dehydrating all of our cells in our body. This will lead to possible seizures, unconsciousness, and brain damage. But even if all the water from our dehydrated cells succeed in bringing all the seawater salt close to excretion, the last stop before departure will not be able to bear the load. The last main stop before unwanted salt is released from the body is the kidneys, and unfortunately, our kidneys would overload and we would die a salty death.

Though humans cannot drink seawater, there are other marine mammals that are able to do so. The reason they are able to drink sea water is because they have larger and more sophisticated kidneys than we do. But let us not get down on ourselves because they do not have larger and more sophisticated technologies than we do.Smart+Ass+Dolphins.+they+cant+rape+you+on+land_5ae913_4873580


California and Florida have desalinized seawater for human consumption in order to experiment with a possible replacement to our current water supply. It is still rather expensive, but research is currently in motion to provide desalinated water to deserts in the Middle East.

There you go. Sea water can kill you by dehydrating your body and damaging your kidneys. So next time you go on a cruise to Florida, double check the supply in the Aquafina vending machines.





We all want to take a vacation every now and again in an effort to get away from life as we know it. But I am pretty sure that no one’s plans can top Ken Sullivan’s vacation aspirations. At first glance, Ken Sullivan is your average Joe. He is a father of four and has been married for forty years.

Forty years too many, that is. Sullivan decided to deal with his mid-life crisis by planning a one way trip to a vacation spot that will make one feel as though they were in an entirely different world. This feeling is caused by the fact that the place that he signed up to go is actually located in another world. Mars.


The travel agency that he signed up for is called Mars One. Mars One  is a Netherlands based program that intends to set up a human colony on Mars by 2024. He hopes to be an inter-planet superstar as all of this is documented and put on television. I think few would disagree that this would be a reality television show worth watching. Speaking of reality television shows, after leaving Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I would not be surprised if they come across Bruce Jenner on Mars because he looks like a Martian. Low blow? Or keen observation? You decide.


The most necessary supplementation for living organisms, as we know it, is water. Naturally, water is an essential requirement  for Sullivan on Mars. Fortunately, there has been much discussion on the possibility of water streams on Mars. All in all, that is great news for Sullivan because that is one less thing that he needs to include in the backpack that he will carry everything he wants to have from Earth for the rest of his life on Mars.

In the form of spacecraft expeditions, we have mustered up fourteen successful trips to the red planet. Through these ventures we have come to realize that there is in fact a significant amount of water on Mars. Unfortunately, the water over there is not really in the form that we would like it to be in.


As far as we know, all the water on Mars is in the form of ice and vapor. Dress warm Sullivan, because due the planet’s distance from the sun, the temperature ranges from 22 degrees Fahrenheit to -124 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of the unfavorable form of water for living organisms, the water on Mars is actually not much like the water on Earth. Scientists hypothesize that the water on Mars is very acidic, giving it a lower freezing point than that on Earth. Acidy water, yum.

In 2008, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of Mars’ surface with the latest technology known to man, and the findings were rather thirst-quenching. On the surface of Mars, there seems to be streaks that suggests the involvement of water. Some scientists suggest that they are the result of ancient water flows. People who suggest ancient water flows believe that at least 30 percent of Mars was covered with oceanic water. But the majority of scientists believe that water played a more minor role and that it was more likely that small amounts of water mixed with the dirt and sand to create these stream-like streaks.


Now that we know that we got some crappy water on Mars, does that mean that there is a possibility that there could be life on Mars? We will have to tune in to watch the Mars One reality television show starring Ken Sullivan to find out.  Hopefully it does not turn into a typical failed drama series where only a few episodes make it on TV and all the main characters die by the end of the season.